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Dance History and Information

Dance Styles.

A lot of terms are used to describe what we do: Breakdancing, Break-dancing, Breaking, Breakin’, BBoying, Hip Hop Dance, Streetdance and street dances.


What do all these terms mean? A lot of conflicting information is out there and the real truth and history can be difficult to find in the hype. Below are a few introductory articles with the aim of clarifying some of these confusions:

What are street dances and what is streetdance?

A short article about the history and meaning of the term “streetdance”.

What is Breaking?

A short article about the dance called Breaking.

What are Funk Styles?

A short article about Funk Style dances such as Popping and Locking.

Music for breaking/breakdanceA list of music for breaking/breakdance and a bit of history.