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Dance Teacher Resources

I’ve been teaching Breaking (AKA Breakdance) with Just 4 Funk in schools for over 6 years now. In that time I have lost count how many times teachers have asked me where they can find out things like the history of street dance, the meanings of the moves and the music.

So, here it is, the teacher’s resource page for street dance. I will be continually adding to this so if you’re a dance, PE or drama teacher, or if you just want to make sure you can get to these resources for yourself, be sure to bookmark this page now.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the UK, you can also book us to come into your school, college, university or private dance school. Contact me at if you’d like more information.

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Dance Teaching Resources: History of Street Dance and Street Dances

  • What is Streetdance and What Are Street Dances?There’s a lot of conflicting and to be honest, incorrect, information out there. This article will help clear up the confusion so you can give the right answers to your students.
  • What Is Breaking/Bboying/Breakdance?This is what I teach. But what exactly is it? Many people think breaking or breakdancing is just “spinning around on the floor”. Wrong! Breaking now has 40 years of history, and that’s not including it’s roots in the Rock.
  • What Are Funk Styles?If you’ve done much research into street dance styles, you will most likely have come across this term. It was coined originally by the Electric Boogaloos, so it’s important. Read this article to find out why.

Dance Teaching Resources: Music

  • Breakdance/Breaking/BBoy MusicMusic for breaking. A short article on the evolution of breaking and music, with some links to specific songs to start your journey.