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BBoy Bugz From Just 4 Funk Returns To Devon With Doorstep Theatre

On Friday 2nd May and Saturday 3rd May 2014, Doorstep Theatre will come to Devon to perform their piece Shame.

Shame by John Berkavitch of Doorstep Theatre has already received great reviews, but it is of special significance to Just 4 Funk because one of our members is part of the show. Dean Reeve AKA BBoy Bugz is one of the most (in)famous BBoys to have ever come out of Devon and has represented with Just 4 Funk for over 5 years. We’re happy to see him doing what he loves at his usual super-high standard!

Shame is described as “cutting-edge theatre that explores the feeling of shame through a combination of spoken-word, hip-hop and contemporary dance, illustration, animation and music.”

You can buy your tickets from Doorstep Theatre’s website, here.


Doorstep Theatre Featuring BBoy Bugz