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Just 4 Funk Perform at Hip Hop Psych

On 17th october 2013 Just 4 Funk performed as part of Hip Hop Psych at Mama Stones, Exeter

Hip Hop Psych is a cutting-edge project to de-mystify and de-stigmatise mental health issues using Hip Hop, led by Dr Becky Inkster of Cambridge University and consultant psychiatrist Dr Akeem Sule from South Essex Partnership Trust

Dr Sule and Dr Inkster’s presentation looked at 3 famous Hip Hop tracks and analysed them from the perspective of mental health. These included songs by Eminem and 2pac as well as more underground artists.

photo of Dr Akeem Sule at Hip Hop Psyche in Exeter

Dr Akeem Sule is a consultant psychiatrist with a passion for Hip Hop.


Dr Becky Inkster at Hip Hop Psyche

Dr Becky Inkster is a Doctor of Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge and a long time lover of Hip Hop culture.

You can learn more about Hip Hop Psych here.

This event was very special for us because it brought together two strands of our work. As well as performing nationally and internationally, Just 4 Funk are also heavily involved with youth work and community work .  Matt from Just 4 Funk teaches regularly in Pupil Referral Units and has a strong interest in mental and emotional health in the context of education. Stephen and Michael who were part of the main performance also have extensive experience of working with people with emotional and mental health difficulties.

Just 4 Funk were very proud to be part of this event and will be following their development with interest! Some of our top class members from age 9 – 26 also came to perform.  These guys are getting pretty good now!

You can browse some of the pictures, courtesy of Antonios Fiala, below:

Mike does a chair freeze.

As well as being a top bboy (breakdance) performer, Mike often works with people in care.


Steve does a turtle freeze

Stephen is a bboy performer and youth worker with extensive experience working with people with mental health issues.


Matt from Just 4 Funk does a baby freeze

Matt from Just 4 Funk has an interest in mental and emotional health given that much of his teaching is in Pupil Referral Units


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