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Just 4 Funk perform at Respect in the Park

Just 4 Funk and class members perform their Breaking (AKA Breakdancing, sometimes streetdancing) at Respect in the Park, celebrating diversity in Exeter.

Under the slogan “All Different, All Equal”, Exeter Respect is an annual event which lasts for two days and takes place in Belmont Park. Its aim is to celebrate diversity through the showcase of all the different cultural groups which co-exist in Exeter. Based on the assumption that “fear of the unknown” (or the other) is what causes discrimination, this festival allows everyone in Exeter to show the whole city what is the best and most engaging of their culture, religion, organisation, sport, dance style or music group.

More information about Exeter Respect available at:

Exeter Respect Festival logo

Exeter Respect aims to make the Exeter’s community proud of the diversity of its residents.