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Just 4 Funk on Sky 1 Got to Dance

photo of just 4 funk breakdance crew from Exeter on Sky 1 Got To Dance

Just 4 Funk were awarded the top score of three gold stars for our performance on Got To Dance.


So after years of people saying “you guys should go on TV!” we finally decided to do it.

Sky 1 approached us a few months ago and invited us to go on their show Got to Dance. It sounded like fun (and the £250 000 prize didn’t sound bad either) so we said yes.

In just one weekend we got our show together with half the crew (not everyone was available, some of us injured at the time as well). We did the studio audition and got called back for the TV round. When we got there the atmosphere was buzzing, and it was cool being interviewed by the TV. None of us said anything too stupid in the interviews (always a bonus) but a few cheesy made-for-TV lines were definitely uttered during the interview with Matt and Olivia.

In the actual show we got 3 gold stars which is apparently the highest you can get, though we didn’t make it to the final. I hope you managed to see us on TV because due to copyright we can’t actually get the vid up online!

So what was our experience of the show? I think we had a positive experience because we knew what we were getting involved with before we started. We knew that it would be about TV first and dance second – so instead of being one of the many highly skilled dance groups that ends up frustrated, we went in with the attitude that we were just going to  try to have a lot of fun regardless of whether we made good enough TV to get to the final. No sob stories for us – just us having a laugh!

We knew that if we tried to appeal to the audience and change what we did too much, we would feel cheap afterwards. We also knew that if we went hard-core bboying that it would not tick enough boxes. So we came up with a routine that we were happy represented what we think breaking is about, without being too reliant on freestyleing and solos (which could alienate the audience). The feedback was good and although the judges were not specialists in our dance it did sound like they had taken the time to think in depth about their comments which was good.

The fact we were invited meant we knew we would be on the show so we weren’t risking the effort and travel for nothing, so this definitely made it easier. Would we do it again? Winning a TV talent show is definitely not high up our list of priorities as a crew.. but it was a lot of fun and if the time feels right again in the future then who knows… you might see us on your screens again!