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Olympic Legacy Breaking (Breakdance) Workshops

A dance program with a difference!

Olympic Legacy ‘Dance in a Day’ Breakdance Workshop With Just 4 Funk

Our Olympic Legacy Breakdance workshops will engage both active pupils AND those who aren’t usually interested in sports.

What is the The Olympic Legacy Fund? The Olympic Legacy Fund is a lump sum received by primary schools in England to develop and enrich sport for their pupils. Each school has autonomy and can make its own choice on what to spend the fund on, based on what they think will be of most interest with their pupils.

Have you thought about engaging your students with dance?

Give your students an experience with something a bit different:

bboy (breakdancer) from exeter matt does a chair freeze bboy move

Dance in a Day:

In this day-long workshop, we take students through all the basics of breaking (breakdance) and introduce them to more challenging concepts. We can actually do these moves so we know how to teach them safely – check out our mini trailer here.

We will train your students in Toprock (stand up dance), Footwork (dance on the floor), Freezes (balances) and Power moves (Spins and tricks). At the end of the day we guide them towards making their own combinations and ideas, which they  then perform in a showcase to the rest of the school!

Many of these skills are transferable across subjects:

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  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Confidence
  • FUN and enthusiasm for physical activity


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The typical Olympic Legacy Dance in a Day looks like this:

Period 1: Introduction and demonstration from teacher / Toprock (stand up dance)

Period 2:  Get downs (transitions) and footwork (dancing on the floor)

Period 3: Freezes (balances and poses)

Period 4: Power moves and tricks

Period 5: Devising own material for showcase to rest of school




Naturally our workshops can adapt to the needs of your students and school day. We also offer 2 and 3 day workshops, or alternatively you may wish to spread this training out over a few weeks. If you are keen to make a day of it, we can even bring in more than one teacher and work with the whole school!

Give your students an experience that will inspire them for a lifetime: Contact us now.

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