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Street Dance Clothes – Street Dance Clothing and Fashion

Street Dance Clothes – Street Dance Clothing and Fashion

Street dance clothes are a hot topic. Street dance classes of any style usually advise that students wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. But what kind of clothes are really “street dance”?

When you start a street dance style – whether that is bboying (breakdancing), popping, locking or any other street dance – you’ll may find yourself wanting to wear whatever street dance clothes other people in the class are wearing, or the clothes you may have seen worn by street dancers you watch on TV or Youtube.

But the truth is that real street dance (as supposed to the commercial, MTV-video type dance that is sometimes passed off as street dance or “Commercial hip hop”) is about being yourself and being unique. So, many students of street dance styles find that the longer they are into their chosen street dance discipline, the more personal and unique their style gets.

Now, don’t confuse those cheesy costumes you see on TV with actual street dance clothes. Remember, that streetdance means “dance from the streets”. So if you would not walk down the street in your clothes then they cannot really be “street dance clothes”. That means a one piece suit with a white mask is out of the question. Don’t get me wrong – that stuff might be ok for a rehearsed performance of street dance (especially if you want to win a commercial show, like the Jabawokeez who made this white mask famous) – but street dance has its roots on the street, and so do all good street dancers. If you want to know what kind of clothes are really street dance clothes, ask yourself what kind of clothes your favourite street dancers wear when they are NOT on stage.

With this said, there IS a certain style of clothes that go with each street dance. For example, bboying and hip hop party dance styles have both come from hip hop culture. This means that many people who do these styles of street dance will choose clothing which is influenced by hip hop fashion. This does NOT mean they will all look the same – not the good ones anyway.

Similarly, for street dance styles like House and Voguing which do not come directly from Hip Hop, there are certain fashions that have developed. One thing that is common across most styles of street dance clothes is a fusion between looking “fresh” and being able to move easily.

Check out independent shops in your city – or next time you visit a decent sized city. This will take more time than going to a chain store like Footlocker or JD, but you will be much more likely to end up something unique. It can be a bit more pricey though.

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